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I am courageous, but not reckless

I am confident, but not cocky

I am tough and I am smart

I am always focused and always aware

I respect my teammates, my coaches, and my opponents

I learn from victory and from defeat

I lead by my actions

I perform both on and off the field

I don’t need to speak of my successes, as my successes speak for themselves

I am well informed and well equipped

I am prepared for any battle

My God given strength, speed, ability, and intelligence are my weapons



CYO Mission Statement

CYO Sports is one component of a parish's comprehensive youth ministry program which enables the partnership of parents, coaches, priests, religious, teachers, and adult leaders to manage and support a sports program that allows youth to grow in their relationship with God and come to better understand themselves and the Catholic Faith.

The Crusader Philosophy

We coach football to make a difference in the lives of boys who will soon become men. Coaching Youth Football well is about being prepared and having a sound philosophy. It’s about understanding what the critical success factors are in youth football and setting the practice priorities to address those factors. Ultimately, the lessons our players learn from our program will carry over and play a big part in the success they find in life. My staff is always encouraged to teach the game while teaching the boys how to respect and love each other. My game plan incorporates everybody because the core values that we teach are for everybody. By stressing values such as self-discipline, teamwork, concentration, friendship, leadership and good sportsmanship we can expect every boy to be a part of the team in every way. We want each member of our program to be something far better than the vision they have of themselves. It is simply our job to put them in the best possible position for success on the field and in life. We coach to win, we believe winning is fun. We believe that if you build a strong team of coaches, parents and players and set out to learn, encourage and have fun, the winning will automatically follow. Beyond winning, we believe strongly that a football Coach has a great opportunity to be one of the most influential adults in a young persons life. It’s a great responsibility that myself and my staff take very seriously.

The Crusader Practice Philosophy

Practice time is our most value resource. All coaches have one thing they can control; they can control their use of practice time. Winning coaches win consistently because of one thing....”PREPARATION”. In short We think it is imperative that myself and my staff agree not to be out prepared in any area of the game. What this means that my staff and I should walk on the practice field with goals, objectives and the plan to carry out actions to complete the mission at hand. Every coach needs to understand that “practice” means you are giving attention and reps to the study and improvement of each player’s assignments and techniques for the offense and defensive systems we are trying to employ. We think that meaningless “football drills” need to be set aside in favor of meaningful “football drills” that pertain to the game plan we have installed, to make our team as successful as it can be. Practice is about teaching and providing corrective feedback and providing opportunity for learning and discovery for the players. Good coaches are good teachers and masters at organizing productive practices.



"I played here for 4 years, and all I get is a pretzel?" -Domenic Cerruti 2010

Moe, Larry, And Curley.

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Crusader Pride
  • 1960 90lb. team Interstate Champions
  • 1962 North Suburban District Champions
  • 1963 90lb. team Interstate Champions
  • 1972 Varsity League Champions
  • 1972 Junior Varsity League Champions
  • 1979 South Bux-Mont League Champions
  • 1980 South Bux-Mont League Champions
  • 1981 South Bux-Mont League Champions
  • 1984 Norristown Division J.V. Champions
  • 1988 CYO League Champions
  • 1990 CYO Norristown Conference Champions
  • 1992 CYO League Champions
  • 2001 Bux-Mont League Champions
  • 2006 J.V. Y Division Champions, 2nd Place at the 2006 "Parade of Champions"
  • 2008 Varsity Division 1 North Champions, 3rd Place at the 2008 "Parade of Champions"
  • 2009 Varsity 3rd Place at the 2009 "Parade of Champions", 2009 Invitational Bowl Winner
  • 2011 Varsity "Coach's Invitational Bowl"
  • 2011 JV "B" Undefeated Season 7-0 Record
  • 2012 Varsity "Coach's Invitational Bowl" Winner
  • 2012 JV "Coach's Invitational Bowl" 
  • 2013 Varsity " Made Playoffs" Lost in first round.
  • 2014 Varsity  Division 1 Class "A" Champions


The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.
-Vince Lombardi

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